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       vcsh - manage config files in $HOME via fake bare git repositories


       vcsh clone url [repo]

       vcsh delete repo

       vcsh enter repo

       vcsh help

       vcsh init repo

       vcsh list

       vcsh list-tracked

       vcsh list-tracked-by repo

       vcsh rename repo newname

       vcsh run repo command

       vcsh setup repo

       vcsh write-gitignore repo

       vcsh repo gitcommand

       vcsh repo


       vcsh  allows  you to have several git(1) repositories, all maintaining their working trees
       in $HOME without clobbering each other. That, in turn, means you can have  one  repository
       per config set (zsh, vim, ssh, etc), picking and choosing which configs you want to use on
       which machine.

       vcsh is using a technique called  fake  bare  git  repositories,  keeping  $GIT_DIR  in  a
       different directory from $GIT_WORK_TREE which is pointed to $HOME.

       The use of symlinks is not needed in this setup, making for a cleaner setup.

       vcsh  was designed with mr(1) in mind so you might want to install it alongside vcsh. That
       being said, you can easily use vcsh without mr if you prefer.

       A    sample    configuration    for    vcsh     and     mr     can     be     found     at

       Please  note  that you can always use a path instead of a name for repo. This is needed to
       support mr and other scripts properly and of no concern to an interactive user.


       clone  Clone an existing repository.

       delete Delete an existing repository.

       enter  Enter repository; spawn new $SHELL.

       help   Display help.

       init   Initialize an empty repository.

       list   List all local vcsh repositories.

              List all files tracked by vcsh.

              List files tracked by a repository.

       rename Rename a repository.

       run    Run command with $GIT_DIR and $GIT_WORK_TREE set. Allows you to  run  any  and  all
              commands without any restrictions. Use with care.

              Please  note  that  there  is  a somewhat magic feature for run. Instead of repo it
              accepts path, as well. Anything that has a slash in it will  be  assumed  to  be  a
              path.  vcsh  run  will  then  operate on this directory instead of the one normally
              generated from the repository┬┤s name. This  is  needed  to  support  mr  and  other
              scripts properly and of no concern to an interactive user.

       setup  Set up repository with recommended settings.

              Write .gitignore.d/repo via git ls-files.

       repo gitcommand
              Shortcut to run vcsh on a repo. Will prepend git to command by itself.

       repo   Shortcut to run vcsh enter <repo>.


       As  noted earlier, vcsh will set $GIT_DIR and $GIT_WORK_TREE to the appropriate values for
       fake bare git repositories.


       Man pages are intended to be short and thus often useless to glean  best  practices  from.
       This  software  comes  with  a  file called <>. It contains various approaches to
       setting up and using vcsh. You can view the file it  as  plain  text  or  render  it  into
       various other formats via Markdown.

       On Debian-based systems, this file can be found in </usr/share/doc/vcsh>.


       vcsh  allows you to execute arbitrary commands via vcsh run. For example, adding a sudo(8)
       rule for vcsh would be pretty stupid.

       Additionally, vcsh will source, i.e. execute, <$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/vcsh/config>. You can  put
       any and all commands into this config file and they will be executed.


       None are known at this time, but reports and/or patches are more than welcome.


       Like  most  people,  the  author initially made do with a single repository for all config
       files, all of which were soft-linked into $HOME.

       Martin F. Krafft aka madduck came up with the concept of fake bare git repositories.

       vcsh was initally written by madduck. This version is  a  re-implementation  from  scratch
       with a lot more features. madduck graciously agreed to let the author take over the name.


       This manpage and vcsh itself were written by Richard "RichiH" Hartmann.


       Copyright 2011 Richard Hartmann

       Licensed under the GNU GPL version 3 or higher.


       git(1), mr(1)

                                           January 2012                                   VCSH(1)