Provided by: vde2_2.2.3-3build2_amd64 bug


       vde_over_ns - Steganographic cable over NS protocol for Virtual Distributed Ethernet


       vde_over_ns [-D] [-c server_address] [-s vde_plug] [-i]


       A  vde_over_ns  allows  to  connect  two  remote  vde_switches  through  steganographic NS
       query/response datagrams.  e.g.:

       dpipe vde_plug /tmp/s1 = vde_over_ns tun.mydomain.vde

       binds to udp port 53 and listen for incoming steganographic NS queries (server mode).  All
       the traffic to/from stdout/stdin is redirected to the client via ns responses.

       creates  a  wire between two vde_switches (with sockets /tmp/s1 and /tmp/s2 respectively).
       This cable looses 10% of the packets in each direction.

       The same vde_over_dns server can be created using:

       vde_over_ns -s /tmp/s1 tun.mydomain.vde

       The syntax is almost identical for the client mode, except  that  to  have  a  vde_over_ns
       client connect to that server, the  -c server option must be specified.


       -s vdeplug
              If  specified, the vde_over_ns will connect to the local vde socket vdeplug instead
              pf stdin/stdout, using the libvdeplug library.

       -D     Detach console and send the process to background.

              The NS server will bind only to the specified ip, instead of any ip.  Only valid in
              server mode (without -c)

       -c server_addr
              If  specified,  client mode is enabled. Vde_over_ns will try to send NS requests to
              server_addr. If not specified, server mode is enabled by default.


       Virtual Distributed Ethernet is not related in any  way  with  ("Verband  der
       Elektrotechnik,  Elektronik  und  Informationstechnik"  i.e.  the  German "Association for
       Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies").


       vde_switch(1), vdeq(1).  dpipe(1).  unixterm(1).


       VDE_OVER_NS is a tool by Daniele Lacamera <>

       VDE is a project by Renzo Davoli <>

       based on nstx, a steganographic ns client/server software by:

            Florian Heinz <>

            Julien Oster <>