Provided by: via-bin_1.6.0-3_amd64 bug


       volumesel - select volumes from a volume set


       volumesel  <options> [infile] [outfile]


       volumesel  selects  volumes  from  a  set  of  volumes  according  to some given selection
       criterion. Possible criteria are: size, circularity and compactness.

       "Size" refers to be number of voxels belonging to the volume.

       "Circularity" is a measure of roundness defined as:

         (3.0 * size) / (4.0 * pi * rmax)

       where "rmax" is the radius of the smallest enclosing sphere.  Thus  if  the  volume  is  a
       sphere,  this  value  will  be "1", The further the volume's shape deviates from spherical
       shape, the smaller this value will become.

       "Compactness" is defined as the ratio between the number of border voxels and volume size.
       Thus,  if most voxels belonging to the volume are interior voxels this value will be close
       to "1".

       The input image must be of type "volumes". The output  image  will  be  also  be  of  type


       volumesel accepts the following options:

       -help          Prints a message describing options.

       -in infile     Specifies the Vista data file containing the first input image.

       -image infile  Specifies the Vista data file containing the second input image.

       -out outfile   Specifies where to write the output images as a Vista data file.

       -feature outfile
                      Specifies the selection criterion. Possible choices are: size | circularity
                      | compactness. Default: size.

       -min min       Specifies the lower bound for the feature value.

       -max max       Specifies the upper bound for the feature value.

       Input and output files can be specified on the command line or allowed to default  to  the
       standard input and output streams.


       VImage(3Vi), Vista(7Vi)


       Gabriele Lohmann <>