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       vsdump - VSD/VSS file format reverse engineering


       vsdump [SUBOPTIONS] FILE


       This manual page documents briefly the vsdump command.

       vsdump  is  an  ALT  Linux  (  project  of  VSD/VSS  file  format  reverse
       engineering.  VSD/VSS is an OLE file. Main data is stored in 'VisioDocument'  file  inside
       this  OLE.  'VisioDocument'  file  has a header with version number and pointer to the 1st
       stream.  Pointers contain Type, Offset to the start, Length, and Format  of  stream.   The
       Format field has a 'compressed' flag (the 2nd least significant bit).

       Format == 0x4* is used for streams that contains some strings.
       Format == 0x5* is used for streams that contains some pointers.
       Format == 0xd* is used for streams made of chunks.

       Type == 15 is used for streams that contains 'Page' data.
       Type == 23 is used for streams that contains Icons.
       And so on.

       To  (de)compress  some  streams  Visio  uses  some  version  of  LZW algorithmwith options
       different from other MS-Office applications.

       Those streams are made of chunks. Chunks starts with header that contains Type and  Length
       fields.  Most  of  chunk types has a mandatory fields and some of them has a discretionary
       fields. The type of chunk imply an order and format of mandatory fields and place of start
       for discretionary fields (if any).

       The discrepionary fields made of 'blocks'. Blocks start with length, type fields and index
       of variable it is linked to.
       Blocks made of 'slices'. Every slice can be single byte  operation  like  "+"  or  "*"  or
       'command' to put one/two bytes data or IEEE-754 fraction or stringor name or function into


       A summary of options is included below.

              list subcommands

       dump <file> [directory]
              dump pointers and inflated streams

       test <file>
              test command table


       vsdump was written by Valek Filippov (

       This manual page was written by Juan Angulo Moreno  <>,  for  the  Debian
       project (but may be used by others).

                                           jun 26, 2007                                 VSDUMP(1)