Provided by: wakeup_1.2-0ubuntu1_all bug


       wakeup - A talking and fully customizable alarm clock


       wakeup username alarmID


       wakeup plays an alarm for the given username, whose settings for the alarm can be modified
       using the wakeup-settings utility. The user's alarm that is run is specified  by  alarmID,
       which  corresponds  to  the  folder number in the user's wakeup settings folder ~/.wakeup.
       Alarm text and all associated options should be  defined  by  running  wakeup-settings  as
       username.  Although it is possible to modify the settings directly by editing the files in
       ~/.wakeup/, this is not recommended and make cause you to lose alarm settings.

       An option in wakeup-settings allows the alarm to wake the computer (from poweroff  if  the
       bios  allows).  In this case, wakeup is set by to run from root's cron, and the alarm will
       run in this case even if no user is logged in. One must log in or be logged in to stop the

       Note that for any part of the alarm which depends on information from the web to work when
       you are not logged in, you will need to set the wireless network(s) you connect to so that
       they  connect  before  you log in. This can be done through NetworkManager, by selecting a
       connection, clicking "Edit..." and checking "Available to all users."


       setalarm(1), wakeup-settings(1), cron, crontab


       The  program  and  its  documentation  are   copyrighted   (C)   2012   by   David   Glass
       <>.  All rights reserved. They are distributed under the terms of the GNU
       General Public License version 3 or later.