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       wallch - Wallpaper Changer for the GNOME Desktop


       wallch [options | wallch album]


       Wallch  is  a  free and open-source program with the functionality to automatically change
       your PC's Desktop Background in an adjustable time. It has lots  of  functionalities  like
       taking  screenshot,  webcam  image,  live earth wallpaper, picture of the day and start-up
       options.  After  the  release  of  the  Unity  Desktop,  wallch  takes  advantage  of  its
       functionalities  and  included  shortcuts for it. What is more, wallch includes 2 types of
       notification, sound and desktop. Wallch includes GUI and non-GUI modes. The  non-GUI  mode
       is used to the start-up options and unity shortcuts and GUI mode is used generally.


       Wallch  has  some  options  that  are  basically used from the unity sidebar calls and the
       start-up options but they can also used from a terminal for any purpose. As  argument  can
       also  be  passed a wallch album to be loaded by Wallch, while opening the application. All
       options specified below run normally or send a DBUS message to the already running  wallch
           It  stops  the  wallpaper changing process if program is open or closes the program if
           already running with --earth,  --earth_w8,  --picofday,  --picofday_w8  or  --constant
           (non-GUI modes)
           It pauses the process if already running both from the GUI and non-GUI mode.
           Proceeds  to  next  image  (random  image selection if this is selected) if process is
           It proceeds to the previous image  (the  selected  options  doesn't  matter,  previous
           pictures are logged).
           It  just  changes  the desktop background choosing from the list. It works both if the
           wallch is open or not. Two or more pictures have to be selected for this to work.
           It changes constantly the desktop background by randomly choosing  pictures  from  the
           list  and  using  the adjustable time. It works both if wallch is open or not. It also
           works with folder monitoring.
           It enables live earth wallpaper process. It works both if wallch is open or not.
           This option is mainly used when the user closes Wallch while  'Live  Earth  Wallpaper'
           mode is running. In this case the user is asked whether he wants to let the live earth
           process running or not, if he/she choose to let  it  run,  wallch  re-runs  with  this
           option  but  waits  (w8)  a  few  moments before running with the live earth wallpaper
           pption so as to ensure that the previous wallch process has closed.
           This option is used only from the unity bar shortcut. It is similar with  --earth  and
           --earth_w8  but  instead  of  waiting for internet connection, it exits with a warning
           notification if there isn't internet connection.
           This option is used to enable 'Picture Of The Day' process. This process downloads  an
           image from the internet which updates daily and set it as your desktop background.
           It does the same with --earth_w8 but for 'Picture Of The Day' process.


       If   you   find   a   bug,   please   report   it  at  or  at, or at launchpad (


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                                           09 Mar 2012                                  WALLCH(1)