Provided by: wput_0.6.2-2build1_amd64 bug


       wdel - A wget-like program for deleting files on ftp servers


       wdel [option]... [URL [file]...]...


       Wdel is a free utility that is able to delete files on an ftp server.

       Wdel  is  non-interactive and background-capable. It can delete files or whole directories
       and is meant to be a robust client even for unstable connections and will therefore  retry
       to delete a file, if the connection broke.

       Wdel  supports  connections through proxies, allowing you to use it in an environment that
       can access the internet only via a proxy or to provide anonymity by hiding your ip-address
       to the server.  For SOCKSv5-proxies Wdel supports also listening mode, allowing you to use
       port-mode ftp through a proxy (useful if  the  remote  ftp  is  behind  a  firewall  or  a


       URLs are recognized by the ftp://-prefix.

       Wdel  first  reads the URLs from the command line, and associates every file with the last
       URL until a new URL is found (note that this is different from wput). Then, it  reads  the
       --input-file  (if  any)  and parses the URLs in the same way.  So you can specify e.g. one
       URL and read all filenames from a file.

       If there are no explicit filenames given for a singe URL, then the last part of the URL is
       taken  to  be the file/directory to be deleted. If there are filenames, then the last part
       of the URL is considered to be the directory where these files reside in. Slashes  at  the
       end of the URL or the filename (in case it is a directory to be deleted) are ignored.


       There  are  no  special options introduced by Wdel. All of Wput’s options may be supplied,
       although some will not be of any effect because they do  not  apply  for  the  process  of
       deleting files. Please see wput(1) for a description of the options.


       Many  options  can  be set in a wputrc file. For its documentation consult the sample file
       provided by Wput.

       wput(1) describes all setable options. Not all apply for wdel too though.


       Wdel  is  written  by  Hagen   Fritsch   <>   and   Jan   Larres