Provided by: wdm_1.28-9_amd64 bug


       wdmLogin - wdm login panel


       wdmLogin  [-d  display] [-l logo] [-w <window managers>] [-b background] [-h helpfile] [-u
       username] [-p password]


       wdmLogin is greeter designed to work with wdm(1x). It has several features  not  found  on
       xdm's greeter. wdmLogin should not be called directly, that's wdm's task.


       -d     starts on the specified display

       -l     uses  the  specified  logo  for  the  panel. The logo will be resized to 200 by 130

       -w     presents the colon separated list of window managers, for the user to pick one,  or
              None if you want only NoChange to appear.

       -a     enables  animations consisting of shaking the Login panel (if an error) and rolling
              up the image (when closing the panel).

       -h     uses the specified text file to display in the help panel  instead  of  the  static
              help  message  which  is  in  the  sources. Take care of long lines which may cause
              display trouble in the help panel.

       -u     use the default username and password as specified  in  wdm-config  if  nothing  is
              typed by the user. USE WITH EXTREME CAUTION.

       -b     uses  the  specified  background  image  (see  the  next  section).  If this is not
              specified, then the background is NOT set.


       There are several possible ways of specifing a background image.  The  generic  format  is
       -btype:image. type can be any of:

       none   do not set the background.  This user can still set the background via other means.

       solid  it renders a solid backgroud, and image is a color name

       hgradient, vgradient, dgradient
              a  gradient  (either  horizontal,  vertical or diagonal) will be rendered. image is
              comma separated of color names, and any number of colors can be specified.

       pixmap a pixmap will be used for the background. image is the full path to an  image  file
              (tiff, png, jpeg and xpm allowed) and it will be scaled to use the full screen.


       wdmLogin can be customized by modifying /etc/X11/wdm/wdm-config.


       Some variables that defines locale affects the look of wdmLogin. wdm program will set LANG
       environment variable according to `wdmLocale' resource in wdm-config file.


       wdm(1x) , locale(1)


       wmdLogin was written by Gene Czarcinski <>. wdm is based  on  work  by
       Tom Rothamel (xdm's external greeter protocol) and xdm itself, (c) 1988 X Consortium

       This man page was written by Marcelo Magallon <> and modified by Jerome
       Alet <>

                                           August 1998                               wdmLogin(1x)