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       webgen - a fast, powerful and extensible static website generator


       webgen  [global  options]  command  [command  arguments] [command [command arguments] ...]


       webgen is used to generate static websites from content files written in a markup language
       and  template  files.  You create one template file in which you define the layout of your
       pages and where the content should go. After that you create  content  files  called  page
       files  in  which  you  only  define the content. webgen merges the page's content into the
       template and generates the final HTML output. During the last step so called  webgen  tags
       are substituted so that, for example, menus can automatically be generated.


       -d, --directory DIR
              Set the website directectory. if none specified, the current directory is used.

       -v, --verbose
              Show more output by default.

       -q, --quiet
              Show  less  output by default. If this option is specified, then no output is shown
              during rendering of a website.

       -l, --log-level LEVEL
              Set the logging level to LEVEL which can be a number between 0 (debug output) and 3
              (only error output).

       -h, --help
              Show generic help.

              Show the version of the program and exit.


       apply  Applies  a website bundle to an existing website. The bundle argument may either be
              the name of a bundle shipped with webgen or an  URL  to  a  (gzipped)  tar  archive

       create Creates  the  basic directories and files for webgen.  This includes the source and
              output directories as well  as  an  empty  extensions  directory.   Also,  a  basic
              template  plus  a CSS and an index file are created.  Takes the directory to create
              the webgen structure in as an argument.

       help   Provides help for the individual commands.

       render Runs webgen which will result in the generation of the  HTML  data  in  the  output
              directory  from  the  files  in  the source directory.  This command is used as the
              default command when no command was issued.

              Shows the version of the program and exit.

       webgui Starts the webgen webgui, a browser based  graphical  user  interface  for  manging
              webgen websites.


       webgen's behaviour is affected by the following environment variables:

              If  no  website  is  specified  via  the -d option and this variable is set, webgen
              assumes that its content is the webgen website directory that should be used.


       The webgen website, for more information.


       webgen was written by Thomas Leitner <>

       This manual page was written by  Paul  van  Tilburg  <>  for  the  Debian
       project  (but  may  be used by others).  This manual page was update to reflect webgen 0.4
       change by Arnaud Cornet  <>.   This  manual  page  was  updated  to
       reflect webgen 0.5.x changes by Thomas Leitner <>.

                                            July 2008                                   WEBGEN(1)