Provided by: webmagick_2.02-11_all bug


       webmagick - create gallery thumbnails for websites


       webmagick [OPTIONS]


       WebMagick  `webmagick'  recurses  through  directories of images and builds HTML pages and
       image-maps to display those images in a web browser.  Options  may  be  specified  on  the
       command  line  as  --option or in .webmagickrc files as $opt_option.  By default WebMagick
       processes files in the current directory.  See --srcdir for a way to process  files  in  a
       different directory.

              Print debug messages (default off)

              Force cached thumbnails to be generated (default off)

              Force HTML files to be generated (default off)

       --[no]forcemontage Force montage (default off)

              Ignore directories with names like _vti (FrontPage directories) (default on)

              Display usage message (default off)

              Recurse directory tree (default off)

              Image directory to process

              Tell us more ... (default off)

              Print version and exit (default off)

              Relative path under rootdir to webmagick icons

              Global base URL for webmagick icons

              Path to prepend to generated URLs (e.g. /~username)

              Absolute path to server root (NCSA DocumentRoot)

   Server-side imagemaps:
              Imagemap CGI program URL (set to '' for none)

              Server-side map type ("ncsa" or "cern")

       --[no]serversidemap Enable server-side map writting (default off)

              Directory-name to title cross-reference file name

              Image-name to thumbnail label cross-reference file name

              Name of master index files (default server index)

              Base name of page-related index files

              Name of directory info file

              Cache thumbnails (default on)

              Subdirectory name to cache thumbnails in (default .cache)

              Format of cached thumbnails (default JPEG)

              Cache thumbnail geometry (default thumbgeom)

              Smallest image to cache in pixels. (default 300*200)

              Force imagemap to be in GIF format (default off)

              Force imagemap to be in JPEG format (default off)

              Quality of JPEG imagemaps

              Maximum size of GIF imagemap before trying JPEG

              Montage columns

       --rows Montage rows (max)

              Map generated image files to Netscape 216-color cube (default off)

              Montage background color

       --thumbframebgcolor Background color inside of Frame (unused if no Frame)

       --thumbborderwidth Thumbnail border width (pixels)

              Thumbnail  image  composition  operation  (default  Copy) Over, In, Out, Atop, Xor,
              Plus, Minus, Add, Subtract, Difference, Bumpmap, Copy, MatteReplace,  Mask,  Blend,

              Thumbnail title font

              Montage foreground color (effects label color)

              Geometry of frame around thumbnail (default no frame)

              Thumbnail geometry (widthxheight)

              Direction  thumbnail  gravitates  to  (default Center) NorthWest, North, NorthEast,
              West, Center, East, SouthWest, South, SouthEast. North is up.

              Format for default thumbnail text label

              Label width (in characters) to truncate to.

              Frame color (if thumbnail frames enabled)

              Enable decorative shadow under thumbnail

              Texture to tile onto the image background

       --thumbtransparent Transparent color

              Zoom filter algorithm (Box/Triangle/Mitchell)

   HTML Colors & Appearance:
              Optional user address info

              Don't show WebMagick address and copyright info on pages (default off)

              Link (active) color

              Background color (also applied to JPEG montage background)

              Foreground text color

              Link (unvisited) color

              Link (visited) color

              Link (active) color (directory frame)

              Background color (directory frame)

              Foreground color (directory frame)

              Link (unvisited) color (directory frame)

              Link (visited) color (directory frame)

              Extension for directory frame

              URL to stylesheet (overrides other color options)

              Output updates date (default on)

              Page footer (imagemap frame) (default to </CENTER>)

              Page header (imagemap frame) (default to <CENTER>)

              Enable JavaScript output (default off)

              Per-image HTML file generation (default off)

              Per-image HTML file extension (default .html)

              Per-image HTML, extra HTML to display below image (default to </CENTER>)

              Per-image HTML, show navigation buttons (default off)

       --[no]pichtmlputtitle Put per-image HTML picture title (default on)

              Per-image HTML default frame target

              End tags for per-image HTML picture title (default </P>)

       --pichtmltitlestart Start tags for per-image HTML picture title (default <P>)

              Per-image HTML, extra HTML to display above image (default to <CENTER>)

       --[no]readmevisible Show README.html on first page rather than just linking (default off)

              Use HTML tables instead of imagemaps for thumbnails (default off)

              Page title

   Frame Options:
              Use frames, if no - single directory collection assumed (default on)

       --framemarginwidth Pixels allocated to frame margin in horizontal direction

       --framemarginheight Pixels allocated to frame margin in vertical direction

              Pixels allocated to frame border

              Enable (YES) or disable (NO) decorative frame borders

              Frame style to use (out of those available)

              Allow user to configure framestyle,  columns  and  rows  (requires  javascript  and
              tables) (default off)

   Messages Replacement:
              "Copyright "

              "%B %e, %Y" (see strftime(3))


              "Directory Navigator"


              "Index of directory"

              "Index of files "



              "Page Navigator"

              "Page updated on"


              "Produced by"




       Report  bugs  to  <>.   Visit  the  WebMagick  web  page  at


       The full documentation for webmagick is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If the  info  and
       webmagick programs are properly installed at your site, the command

              info webmagick

       should give you access to the complete manual.