Provided by: webgui_7.9.33-1_all bug


       upgrade - Upgrade WebGUI database to the latest revision.


        upgrade --doit
                [--backupDir path]
                [--mysql pathname]
                [--mysqldump pathname]

        upgrade --help


       This WebGUI utility script is able to upgrade any WebGUI database from 7.3.22 upward to
       the currently installed version. The WebGUI software distribution includes a set of
       upgrade scripts that perform the necessary database changes (schema and data) to bring the
       database up-to-date in order to match the currently installed WebGUI libraries and

       This utility is designed to be run as a superuser on Linux systems, since it needs to be
       able to access several system directories and change ownership of files. If you want to
       run this utility without superuser privileges, use the --override option described below.


       There are NO guarantees of any kind provided with this software.  This utility has been
       tested rigorously, and has performed without error or consequences in our labs, and on our
       production servers for many years. However, there is no substitute for a good backup of
       your software and data before performing any kind of upgrade.

       BEFORE YOU UPGRADE you should definitely read docs/gotcha.txt to find out what things you
       should know about that will affect your upgrade.

           You MUST include this flag in the command line or the script will refuse to run. This
           is to force you to read this documentation at least once and be sure that you REALLY
           want to perform the upgrade.

       --backupDir path
           Specify a path where database backups should be created during the upgrade procedure.
           If left unspecified, it defaults to /tmp/backups.

           Displays the upgrade history for each of your sites. Running with this flag will NOT
           perform the upgrade.

       --mysql pathname
           The full pathname to your mysql client executable. If left unspecified, it defaults to

       --mysqldump pathname
           The full pathname to your mysqldump executable. If left unspecified, it defaults to

           This flag will allow you to run this utility without being the super user, but note
           that it may not work as intended.

           Use this if you DO NOT want database backups to be performed during the upgrade

           The upgrade procedure normally deletes WebGUI's cache and temporary files created as
           part of the upgrade. This cleanup is very important during large upgrades, but can
           make the procedure quite slow. This option skips the deletion of these files.

           The upgrade procedure normally puts up a simple maintenance page on all the sites
           while running, but this option will skip that step.

           Disable all output unless there's an error.

           Shows this documentation, then exits.


       Copyright 2001-2009 Plain Black Corporation.