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       WiFi Radar - utility for managing WiFi profiles


       wifi-radar [OPTION]...


       WiFi Radar is a PyGTK2 utility for managing WiFi profiles.

       It  will look for the config file in /etc/wifi-radar/wifi-radar.conf.  You can change that
       in wifi-radar.

       If the configuration file does not exist, it will create it, so you  must  always  run  it
       within a correctly permitted account (as root or use sudo or pam).

       Recent  versions  partially  implement  WPA-TKIP  with  wpa_supplicant. You need a running
       wpa_supplicant installation with a /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf file.  Then  by
       setting  in  your  /etc/wifi-radar/wifi-radar.conf  file  the  "use_wpa  = yes" option and
       "wpa_driver = ipw" for example, wpa_supplicant will be launched  when  you  connect  using
       this profile.

       But currently you can't set your wpa_supplicant options like the psk, proto, key_mgmt etc.
       using wifi-radar.  Your  wpa_supplicant  configuration  file  should  be  set  and  tested
       already.  If  you  have different networks set in wpa_supplicant.conf, then you can switch
       using wifi-radar.

       The wifi-radar script accepts the following command-line options:


       -v, --version for printing the version.


               See for more information.


       Probably lots!

       Because of repeated scanning, WiFi Radar is very power consuming.

       Please report bugs to the mailing list <>


       The  GIT  repository  is  available  at

       If you have questions, visit


       This  Python program was originally written by Ahmad Baitaimal <>.  It
       has been maintained at various times by Brian Elliott  Finley  <>  and
       Sean Robinson <>.  Contributions have been provided by:

       ·   Douglas Breault <>

       ·   Nicolas Brouard <>

       ·   Gary Case <>

       ·   Jon Collette <>

       ·   David Decotigny <>

       ·   Simon Gerber <>

       ·   Joey Hurst <>

       ·   Ante Karamatic <>

       ·   Richard Monk <>

       ·   Kevin Otte <>

       ·   Nathanael Rebsch <>

       ·   Andrea Scarpino <>

       ·   Patrick Winnertz <>


       wifi-radar.conf(5) wpa_supplicant(8)