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       WiFi Radar - utility for managing WiFi profiles


       wifi-radar [OPTION]...


       WiFi Radar is a PyGTK2 utility for managing WiFi profiles.

       It  will  look  for the config file in /etc/wifi-radar/wifi-radar.conf.
       You can change that in wifi-radar.

       If the configuration file does not exist, it will  create  it,  so  you
       must always run it within a correctly permitted account (as root or use
       sudo or pam).

       Recent versions partially implement WPA-TKIP with  wpa_supplicant.  You
       need     a     running     wpa_supplicant     installation    with    a
       /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf file.  Then by setting in  your
       /etc/wifi-radar/wifi-radar.conf  file  the  "use_wpa  = yes" option and
       "wpa_driver = ipw" for example, wpa_supplicant will  be  launched  when
       you connect using this profile.

       But  currently  you can't set your wpa_supplicant options like the psk,
       proto,   key_mgmt   etc.   using   wifi-radar.    Your   wpa_supplicant
       configuration  file  should  be  set  and  tested  already. If you have
       different networks set in  wpa_supplicant.conf,  then  you  can  switch
       using wifi-radar.

       The wifi-radar script accepts the following command-line options:


       -v, --version for printing the version.


               See for more information.


       Probably lots!

       Because of repeated scanning, WiFi Radar is very power consuming.

       Please       report       bugs       to      the      mailing      list


       The  GIT  repository  is   available   at

       If you have questions, visit


       This   Python   program  was  originally  written  by  Ahmad  Baitaimal
       <>.  It has been maintained  at  various  times  by
       Brian   Elliott   Finley   <>   and  Sean  Robinson
       <>.  Contributions have been provided by:

       ·   Douglas Breault <>

       ·   Nicolas Brouard <>

       ·   Gary Case <>

       ·   Jon Collette <>

       ·   David Decotigny <>

       ·   Simon Gerber <>

       ·   Joey Hurst <>

       ·   Ante Karamatic <>

       ·   Richard Monk <>

       ·   Kevin Otte <>

       ·   Nathanael Rebsch <>

       ·   Andrea Scarpino <>

       ·   Patrick Winnertz <>


       wifi-radar.conf(5) wpa_supplicant(8)