Provided by: wmcalclock_1.25-15_amd64 bug


       WMCALCLOCK - Dockable Calendar Clock


       wmCalClock  [-h]  [-display  <Display>]  [-b  <Volume>] [-e <Command>] [-24] [-s] [-S] [-L
       <Longitude>] [-l] [-tc <color>] [-bc <color>] [-tekton] [-comicsans] [-arial] [-luggerbug]


       wmCalClock is a simple Calendar Clock with anti-aliased text and drop-shadows.


       -h     Display list of command-line options.

       -display [display]
              Use an alternate X Display.

       -b <Volume>
              Beep on the hour with specified volume (between -100 and 100).

       -e <Command>
              Command  to execute via double click of mouse button 1. (Use quotes if your command
              has white space in it).

       -24    Show time in 24-hour format instead of default 12-hour AM/PM format.

       -30    Show local time in 30-hour format.  Times between midnight and 6 AM  are  displayed
              as belonging to the previous day, so the hour ranges from 6 to 29.

       -g     Show Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

       -s     Show Greenwich Mean Sidereal Time (GMST) in 24-hour format.

       -S     Dont show seconds.

       -L <Longitude>
              Show  Local  Sidereal  Time (LST) in 24-hour format. Longitude is in degrees (- for
              West + for East).

       -l     Force use of lower color pixmap to conserve colors. On displays with <= 8 bits, the
              low color Pixmap will always be used.

       -tc <color>
              Change color of time-field digits.

       -bc <color>
              Change color of time-field background.

              Use the Tekton font for time field.

       -arial Use the Arial (i.e. Helvetica)  font for time field.

       -jazz  Use the JazzPoster font for time field.

              Use the LuggerBug font for time field.

              Use the ComicSans font for time field.


       Who knows? (Let me know if you find any).


       Michael G. Henderson <>

                                         16 December 1998                           WMCALCLOCK(1)