Provided by: wmdrawer_0.10.5-1.1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       wmdrawer — a dockapp providing a drawer to launch applications


       wmdrawer [-c, --configfile=FILE [-n, --instancename=NAME]]  [-w, --windowed]  [-h, --help]
       [-v, --version]


       wmdrawer is a dock application (dockapp) that provides a drawer (retractable  button  bar)
       to conveniently launch applications.

       The drawer is retractable and animated.

       Several columns of buttons can been defined in the drawer.

       The configuration file is automaticaly reloaded if it changes.

       Multiple instances of the program can run at the same time.

       The buttons can be highlighted under the mouse cursor.

       A tooltip can be defined for each button.

       The drawer can be transparent (need SHAPE extension).

       Ability  to launch several apps at once from the drawer.  By holding down the key Shift or
       by using mouse buttons middle or right instead of left, you can keep the drawer opened.

       Adjustable behaviors: dock's image (logo), dock's  width  and  height  (for  both  min=12,
       max=128), automatic/manual opening and closing of the drawer, timeout value in miliseconds
       if automatic closing selected, drawer's  opening  direction  and  animation  speed,  mouse
       cursor  type in the drawer, drawer's pseudo-transparency, icons' background image (only if
       transparency isn't activated), buttons' size (min=12, max=128),  buttons'  highlight  type
       (0:none,  1:target,  2:shading),  image  used  as  highlight (target type only), color and
       darkening level for highlight (shading type only), drawer's border size, buttons' tooltips
       and tooltips' font


       -c, --configfile=FILE [-n, --instancename=NAME]
                 Use FILE as config file instead of the default (~/.wmdrawerrc) and optionaly set
                 instance name.

       -w, --windowed
                 Run in windowed mode. Useful for AfterStep, Fvwm, Sawfish and KDE users.

       -h, --help
                 Show summary of options.

       -v, --version
                 Show version of program.


       ~/.wmdrawerrc is the default per-user configuration file. Here is a  completely  commented

       # Config file example for wmdrawer
       # Dock's icon [optional]
       #dock_icon      panel-drawer.png

       # Drawer's opening direction [required]
       # Top to bottom = 0
       # Right to Left = 1
       # Bottom to Top = 2
       # Left to Right = 3
       direction       2

       # Image used for icons' background [optional]
       #icons_bg       defaultTile.xpm

       # Allow icons' enlargement to fit them to buttons' size [optional, default 1]
       # 0 indicate that icons should never be larger than their original size.
       #icons_expand   1

       # Activate the drawer's pseudo-transparency [optional, default 0]
       # if you choose transparency, icons_bg will be ignored
       #transparency   0

       # dock's width: min=12, max=128 [optional, default=64]
       #dock_width     64

       # dock's height: min=12, max=128 [optional, default=64]
       #dock_height    64

       # buttons' size: min=12, max=128 [optional]
       # Useful for the people who want for example to have big icons
       # and to define several columns.
       #btns_size      32

       # Icon's highlight type: 0, 1 or 2 [optional, default 2]
       # 0 : no highlight
       # 1 : target (unavailable if transparency is activated)
       # 2 : shading
       #highlight      2

       # Image used as highlight [optional]
       # only used if you choice target type
       #highlight_img   highlight.xpm

       # Tint icons by a specified color [optional, default #ffffff]
       # only used if you choice shading type
       #highlight_tint #ffffff

       # Shade icons at a specified level [optional, default 60]
       # only used if you choice shading type
       #highlight_sh   60

       # Display buttons' tooltips [optional, default 1]
       #tooltips       1

       # Tooltips' font [optional, default fixed]
       #tooltips_font  fixed

       # Drawer's animation speed: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 [optional, default 1]
       #animation_speed 1

       # Mouse cursor in drawer: 0, 1, ..., 76 [optional, default 30]
       #cursor         30

       # Auto opening of the drawer: 0, 1 [optional, default 0]
       #show_on_hover  0

       # Auto closing of the drawer: 0, 1 [optional, default 0]
       #hide_on_out    0

       # drawer's hiding timeout in miliseconds [optional, default 1000]
       #hide_timeout   1000

       # Runs the dockapp in windowed mode: 0, 1 [optional, default 0]
       # Useful for AfterStep, Fvwm, Sawfish or KDE users.
       #windowed_mode  0

       # Instance name so window manager can distinguish between multiple copies
       #instance_name  distinguish_name

       # Drawer's border size in pixels [optional, default 1]
       #border_size    1

       # Images directories

       # A first column with 5 buttons
       # Each button must be defined with this syntax:
       # (tooltip)  (image)  (command)
       (X Terminal)    (gnome-term.png)        (xterm -bg black -fg wheat)
       (Galeon)        (galeon.xpm)            (galeon -s)
       (Sylpheed)      (sylpheed.png)          (sylpheed)
       (XChat)         (xchat.png)             (xchat)
       (MPlayer)       (gnome-multimedia.png)  (mplayer)

       # A second column with 5 buttons
       (Xmms)          (gnome-audio2.png)      (xmms)
       (Gimp)          (gnome-gimp.png)        (gimp)
       (GQview)        (gqview.png)            (gqview)
       (Xcalc)         (gnome-calc3.png)       (xcalc)
       (GFtp)          (gftp.png)              (gftp)

       Look at /usr/share/doc/wmdrawer/wmdrawerrc.example for a copy of this example.


       wmaker (1)


       This software is written and maintained by Valéry Febvre (

       This  manual  page  was written by Chris Wesley ( for the Debian system
       (but may be used by others).  Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this
       document  under  the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1 or any later
       version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections,  no  Front-
       Cover Texts and no Back-Cover Texts.


       wmDrawer's  webpage  is  at  Here you can
       find info about wmdrawer and download the latest version.