Provided by: wap-wml-tools_0.0.4-6_amd64 bug


       wmlc - A basic WML compiler


       This is a basic WML compiler. It takes the WML source and compiles into WML bytecode ready
       for transmission to a WAP device.

       It is quite basic and has a  lot  of  limitations,  but  things  it  can  compile  can  be
       decompiled by wmld and vice versa.

       So  long  as  scripts  and  variables  aren't  involved,  the  pages compiled seem to work
       reasonably well in Nokia's WAP Toolkit and Ericsson's WAP SDK. It  isn't  most  efficient,
       however,  and  the  bytecode  will  be larger than other compilers. Optimisation is Coming

       In order to compile bytecode in which  simple  scripts  can  work  there  needs  to  be  a
       mechanism  for  building  up the string table and also finding out what tag is appropriate
       (other compilers use WMLG_STR_T, WMLG_EXT_T_2 or WMLG_EXT_I_2 to specify that  a  variable
       is coming and I don't know which one to use - or even if it makes a difference)

       Usage: ./wmlc file.wml [output.wmlc]