Provided by: wmnut_0.62-4_amd64 bug


       WMNUT - Dockable UPS Monitor


       wmnut  [-A T1 T2] [-b BlinkRate] [-B BeepVolume] [-C CriticalLevel] [-d display] [-h] [-l]
       [-L LowLevel] [-U upsname] [-v] [-V] [-w]


       WMNUT is an UPS Monitor. It is used to visually display and interpret details of up  to  9
       UPSs status via NUT - Network UPS Tools framework.

       WMNUT  is  dockable  using  WindowMaker and AfterStep window-managers; under other window-
       managers, WMNUT should be used  with  "-w"  option  to  appear  as  a  nicely-sized  64x64
       application with a background.

       WMNUT provides the following information:

       - Status of power supply (Blinking Red/Yellow/Green colored meter/battery),

       - Percentage of battery remaining (numeric and meter),

       - Load level percentage on output (numeric, if available),

       - Runtime to empty, ie time left to battery depletion (MM:SS),

       - Communication status with UPS (Blinking Red/Green "C").


       -A <T1 T2>
              Send  messages  to  users  terminals  when Low and critical.  T1 is seconds between
              messages when Low.  T2 is seconds between messages when Critical.

       -b <BlinkRate>
              Blink rate for red LED. (0 for no blinking.)

       -B <Volume>
              Beep at Critical Level. Volume is between -100% to 100%.  This  function  has  been
              disabled, at least temporarily.

       -C <CriticalLevel>
              Define level at which red LED turns on.

       -d <display>
              Use alternate display.

       -h     Display help screen.

       -l     Use a low-color pixmap to conserve colors on 8-bit displays.

       -L <LowLevel>
              Define  level  at  which  yellow  LED  turns on.  CriticalLevel takes precedence if

       -U <upsname>
              Define upsname ([upsname@]hostname, default is localhost).  You can  use  up  to  9
              call to -U <upsname> to monitor multiple UPSs.

       -v     Print version (includes important WMNUT info).

       -V     Verbose mode : display NUT available feature and base value.

       -w     Windowed mode (opposite to native withdrawn mode for Window Maker).


       None are known


       Arnaud Quette <>

                                         22 February 2003                                WMNUT(1)