Provided by: wmppp.app_1.3.0-8_amd64 bug


       wmppp - Graphically monitor the average PPP load


       wmppp [-display <display name>] [-t] [-u <update rate>] [-i <device>] [-h] [-v]

DESCRIPTION  displays  a  dynamic  representation  of  the  load  on the PPP line on a 64x64
       miniwindow. It also starts and stops the connection and displays the time  enlapsed  since
       the it came up. The traffic on the interface is also monitored.


       -display <display name>
              name of display to use

       -t     sets the on-line timer to display MM:SS instead of the default HH:MM.

       -u <update rate>
              sets  the  frequency, in seconds, for updates to the display.  Valid range is 1-10,
              default value is 5.

       -i <device>
              choose the net device (ppp1, ippp0, etc.) to monitor.  (Note that this  feature  is
              EXPERIMENTAL and should be used with caution.  Bug reports are welcomed.)

       -h     displays a command line summary

       -v     displays the version number.


       The  configuration  file (see below) may contain any of the following key-value pairs. The
       format is key: value.

       start  The program that starts the connection

       stop   The program that stops the connection

       speed  This program reports the speed  of  the  connection.  This  program  should  output
              <speed>, that is, a number is expected and not the whole

       ifdown This  program  is  run if the line goes down, and the stop program hasn't been run.
              (Redial program)

              The modification time of this file is used to calculate  the  amount  of  time  the
              connection  has been up. Something like touch <stampfile> should be run for this to


              this is the stamp file use to determine the ammount  of  time  enlapsed  since  the
              connection  came  up. This file should be managed by the ip-up and ip-down scripts.
              On Debian systems, /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/00wmppp  creates  the  file,  and  /etc/ppp/ip-
              down.d/00wmppp removes it.

              System wide defaults

              User defined settings

              System wide fixed options, this overrides the user settings

AUTHORS   was  written  by  Martijn  Pieterse  <>  and  Antoine  Nulle
       <>,  and  it's  based  on  work  by  Beat  Christen  <>
       (asclock)  and Michael Callahan <>, Al Longyear
       and Paul Mackerras <> (pppstats).

       Email regarding wmppp should be sent to

       This manpage was written by Marcelo Magallon < for the Debian Project


       pppd(8), pppstats(8), plog(1), pon(1), poff(1)