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       WriteType - application designed to help students write more easily


       writetype [OPTION] ... FILE


       WriteType  is  a  simple word processor designed to help young students write  more easily
       and accurately. It offers spelling suggestions as students type, making the process easier
       and  less  frustrating.  It  also provides the ability to read back text through either an
       eSpeak or a Festival backend. In  addition, there are special tools for teachers, and  the
       entire application is easily translatable.1

       WriteType is Free Software / Open Source, and is released under the GNU GPL license.


       -l,  --lang
              Set the language for this session

       -t,  --tts-engine
              Set  the  tts engine for this session.  Changes in the settings during this session
              will override this.

       -?,  --help
              Display this help and exit


       Word Completion - As students type, word suggestions appear on the right-hand side of  the
       screen  to  complete  the  word being typed.  Clicking on the desired word will finish the
       word.  WriteType will also learn a student’s habits  over  time  and  make  more  relevant
       suggestions based on what has already been written.

       Reading  Back  the  Document - WriteType will read back written text, allowing students to
       catch errors they may not have caught reading it back themselves.

       Highlighting - Sections of the document can be quickly highlighted while typing  or  while
       listening to the document being read back. This lets students quickly flag areas they need
       to go back and review.

       Grammar checking - WriteType will underline simple grammar and formatting mistakes in  the
       document, and offer to make the necessary revision.

       Auto-correction  -  Common errors, such as typing isnt instead of isn’t, will be corrected
       automatically without the need for intervention.

       Distraction-free mode If the typist has difficulty maintaining concentration while typing,
       distraction-free  mode  is  an  alternative  interface  that displays full screen and only
       includes the text box and the list of completions.

       Add a list of custom  words  In  some  situations,  the  default  list  of  words  is  not
       sufficient, so the system allows the user to add new ones. Even if the words already exist
       in the list of words, adding them will bring them to the top of the list of suggestions.


       WriteType was made by Max Shinn <>


       You can find more information at



                                             1.2.130                                 WRITETYPE(1)