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       wsdl2py - generate client Python interface code from WSDL


       wsdl2py -f wsdlfile | -u url [options]


       wsdl2py is a utility for automatically generating Python client interface code from a WSDL
       definition, and a set of classes representing element declarations and  type  definitions.
       This  will  produce  two  files  in  the  current  working  directory named after the WSDL
       definition name.


       -f wsdlfile
              Specifies an on-disk WSDL file to parse.

       -u url Specifies a URL pointing to the WSDL file to be parsed.

       -h     Display a brief help message.

       -e     Enables experimental server code generation.

       -x     Process just the schema from an xsd file (ie. no services).

       -z funcname
              Specifies a function to use to generate attribute names.

       -d outputdir
              Specifies the directory where the output files will be placed.

       -t typesmodule
              Specifies a module name to use as the types implementation.


       This manpage written by Tristan Seligmann.