Provided by: xcp-xapi_1.3.2-5_i386 bug


       xcp-xapi - XCP's XenAPI server


       The  Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) is an open source enterprise-ready server
       virtualization and cloud computing platform, with support for  a  range
       of guest operating systems, Linux network and storage support.

       XCP  addresses  the needs of cloud providers, hosting services and data
       centers by combining the isolation and multitenancy capabilities of the
       Xen   hypervisor   with   enhanced   security,   storage   and  network
       virtualization  technologies  to  offer   a   rich   set   of   virtual
       infrastructure   cloud   services.   The  platform  also  address  user
       requirements for  security,  availability,  performance  and  isolation
       across both private and public clouds.

       XCP  consolidates  server workloads, enables savings in power, cooling,
       and  management  costs  and  thus   contributing   to   environmentally
       sustainable  computing,  an increased ability to adapt to ever-changing
       IT environments, an optimized use of existing hardware, and an improved
       level of IT reliability.

       This  is  the  XenAPI  server, which provides the control plane for XCP
       hosts and resource pools. To manage the XenAPI server, you  should  use
       either  the XML-RPC based API, the xe command line tool, or a graphical
       user interface such as OpenXenManager.


       -daemon run as a daemon in the background

       -config set config file to use

       -logconfig set log config file to use

       -writereadyfile touch specified file  when  xapi  is  ready  to  accept

       -writeinitcomplete  touch  specified  file  when  xapi  init process is

       -nowatchdog turn watchdog off, avoiding initial fork

       -setdom0mem (ignored)

       -dom0memgradient (ignored)

       -dom0memintercept (ignored)

       -onsystemboot indicates that this server start is the first  since  the
              host rebooted

       -noevents  turn  event  thread off for debugging -leaves crashed guests

       -dummydata populate with dummy data for demo/debugging purposes

       -version show version of the binary

       -help  Display this list of options

       --help Display this list of options


       The full documentation for xcp-xapi is maintained as a Texinfo  manual.
       If  the info and xcp-xapi programs are properly installed at your site,
       the command

              info xcp-xapi

       should give you access to the complete manual.