Provided by: xastir_2.0.0-2build1_amd64 bug


       Xastir  -  graphical application that interfaces HAM radio and APRS(tm) internet access to
       real-time mapping software.


       This manual page briefly documents the Xastir commands.


       xastir [options] Language ...


       The program follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with one
       dash (`-').  A summary of options is included below.

       -c /path/dir
              Specify an optional config directory. Defaults to ~/.xastir

       -f callsign
              Track callsign

       -i     Use a private colormap

       -geometry WxH+x+y
              Set Window Geometry/Position

       -l Language
              Xastir remembers the language once you set it the first time.

       -m     Deselect Maps

       -p     Disable popups

       -t     Internal SIGSEGV handler enabled

       -v Level
              Set the debug level

       -?     Show summary of options available.


       Current choices are:
       Dutch English French German Italian Portuguese Spanish.

Usage is:

       xastir -i -v 2047 -l Dutch &


       SIGINT, SIQQUIT, SIGTERM Cause Xastir to exit.
       SIGHUP Causes a restart.
       SIGUSR1 Causes a snapshot to occur.


       Enable these ports on this menu:  "Interface->Enable Server Ports"

       TCP:2023  Bidirectional TCP port for clients to connect to.  Requires login if client will
       be transmitting.
       UDP:2023  Unidirectional  UDP  input  port  for  clients  to  inject  packets.   See   the
       documentation for the format.


       The program is documented fully by help-English.dat, available via the HELP menu option in
       Xastir, plus the various README and INSTALL text files that come with the  program.   Also
       see <> and the Documentation Wiki there.

       Xastir is a program for APRS(tm)...

       APRS[tm]    is    a    Trademark    of    Bob    Bruninga,    his    home   page   is   at


       Copyright (C) 1999,2000 Frank Giannandrea KC2GJS
       Copyright (C) 2000-2010 The Xastir Group


       This manual page was written by Jose <>, for the  Debian  GNU/Linux  system
       (but may be used by others).