Provided by: xmakemol_5.16-5ubuntu1_amd64 bug

NAME - A script to make GIF animations from XMakemol output.

SYNOPSIS [options] prefix

DESCRIPTION  is  used  to  make  a  GIF animation from a series of XPM files produced by
       XMakemol. The XPM files should have the common prefix prefix.


       -c     This option leads to the temporary (single image) GIF files being cleaned up  after
              the animation has been created from them.

       -d     This  option  allows  the  delay (in 1/100th seconds) between animated frames to be
              set. By default, there is no delay.

       -l     This option can be used to set the number of times  the  animation  loops  for.  By
              default, the animation loops indefinitely.

       -o     This option can be used to set the name of the file that the animation is saved to.




       Matthew P. Hodges <>