Provided by: xracer-tools_0.96.9.1-6_all bug


       xracer-mktrack — XRacer track generator


       xracer-mktrack  --steps  STEPS  [--outputc  OUTPUTFILE]   [--verbose]  --tubefile TUBEFILE


       This manual page documents briefly the xracer-mktrack command.

       This manual page was written for the Debian distribution because the original program does
       not have a manual page.

       xracer-mktrack  is a perl script that takes a Blender VideoScape file INPUTFILE and a tube
       file generated by mktube TUBEFILE and optionally generates a C source file OUTPUTFILE that
       contains code suitable to be used as a track in the game XRacer.


       --steps  STEPS
                 the number of vertices in each segment

       --outputc OUTPUTFILE
                 the C file to write

       --verbose verbose output

       --tubefile TUBEFILE
                 the tube file generated by mktube prog


       xracer (6), XRacer::BVRML (3pm), xracer-mktube (1)


       This  manual  page  was  written  by Ying-Chun Liu (PaulLiu) <> for the
       Debian system (but may be used by others).  Permission  is  granted  to  copy,  distribute
       and/or  modify  this document under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 2
       any later version published by the Free Software Foundation.

       On Debian systems, the complete text of the GNU General Public License  can  be  found  in