Provided by: xstarfish_1.1-11ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       xstarfish - tiled root window wallpaper generator


       xstarfish [ options ]


       XStarfish  generates colourful, tiled images using random numbers fed through mathematical
       functions and draws them on the background of your desktop. It does not use  source  image
       files, so it can generate its images nearly forever without running out of material.


       -h, --help, --usage
              Print the message you're reading now.

       -v, --version
              Current version of the program.

       -d, --daemon INTERVAL [UNITS]
              Fork off into the background. XStarfish will generate a pattern, sleep for INTERVAL
              UNITS, then repeat. Valid units are: seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks.  Seconds
              are the default interval.

       -p, --pidfile
              Creates  a  $HOME/.xstarfish* file containing the pid of the daemon if xstarfish is
              forking into the background.0

       --display DISPLAY
              Name of the target display.

       -g, --geometry W[xH]
              Size of desired image. If you omit  the  height,  a  square  pattern  WxW  will  be

       -o, --outfile FILE
              Specify  an  output  file.  If you use this option, xstarfish will write a png file
              instead of setting the X11 desktop.

       -z, --zoom X[xY]
              Zoom factor of image.  If you omit the y-scale, a  uniform  zoom  of  XxX  will  be

       -s, --size SIZE
              An  approximate  size  in  English.  Valid size arguments are small, medium, large,
              full, and random. Full size creates patterns  the  exact  size  of  your  display's
              default  monitor.  Small,  medium,  and  large  are  randomly  sizes at appropriate
              fractions of the default monitor size. Random can be any size from 64x64 up to  the
              whole monitor. Size always overrides geometry.

       -r, --random SEED
              Seed for rand() call - for debugging purposes.


       The default size is 256x256.


       Mars Saxman <>