Provided by: yahoo2mbox_0.24-1_all bug


       yahoo2mbox - Retrieve and store Yahoo! Groups messages


       yahoo2mbox  Retrieves all messages in the archive of the given group from Yahoo and stores
       them in the specified local MBOX file. If the file exists, the messages not already in the
       file are appended to it.


       yahoo2mbox [options] [-o <mbox>] <groupname>

       --help give the usage message showing the program options

              show the program version and exit

              give verbose informational messages (default)

              be silent, only error messages are given

       -o mbox
              save the message to mbox instead of file named groupname

              start retrieving messages at index n instead of 1

              stop retrieving messages at index n instead of the last one

              retrieve last n messages from the list

              resumes previously interrupted downloading, needed if --start is used, otherwise is
              automatic if mailbox already exists

              don't resume, overwrites the existing output file if any

              login to eGroups using this username (default: guest login)

              the password to use for login (default: none)

              file to use to store cookies  (default:  none,  'netscape'  uses  netscape  cookies

              use  the  given  proxy,  if  'no'  don't use proxy at all (even not the environment
              variable    http_proxy    which    is     used     by     default),     may     use

              use  the  given  country  code  in order to access localized yahoo groups (default:
              none; supported: ar,br,de,dk,es,fr,it,mx)

              add X-Yahoo-Message-Num header to the downloaded messages

              sleep for n seconds between each message request (may be used allow the  script  to
              run continuously without hitting the Yahoo bytes/hour download limit)


       yahoo2mbox  was  written  by Vadim Zeitlin <>. This man page was
       written for Debian  by  Ganesan  R  <>  with  the  help  of  the