Provided by: zabbix-agent_1.8.11-1_amd64 bug


       zabbix_sender - send performance data to a Zabbix server


       The zabbix_sender command can be used by user scripts to send performance data to a Zabbix


       zabbix_sender [-Vhv] {[-zpsI] -ko | [-zpI] -i <file>} [-c <file>]


       -c --config <File>
              Specify configuration file

       -z --zabbix-server <Server>
              Hostname or IP address of ZABBIX Server

       -p --port <Server port>
              Specify port number of server trapper running on the server. Default is 10051

       -s --host <Hostname>
              Specify host name. Host IP address and DNS name will not work.

       -I --source-address <ip address>
              Specify source IP address

       -k --key <Key>
              Specify metric name (key) we want to send

       -o --value <Key value>
              Specify value of the key

       -i --input-file <input_file>
              Load values from input file Each line of file contains space delimited:  <hostname>
              <key> <value>

       -v --verbose
              Verbose mode, -vv for more details

              Other options:

       -h --help
              Give this help

       -V --version
              Display version number


       This  man  page  was  written by Christoph Haas <> for the Debian GNU/Linux
       distribution but may be freely used by anyone.