Provided by: yaz_4.2.18-1build1_amd64 bug


       zoomsh - ZOOM shell


       zoomsh [-e] [-v loglevel] [commands...]


       zoomsh is a ZOOM client with a simple command line interface. The client demonstrates the
       ZOOM API and is useful for testing targets.

       You may pass one or more commands to zoomsh. These commands are invoked first.


           Makes zoomsh stop processing commands as soon as an error occur. The exit code of
           zoomsh is 1 if error occurs; 0 otherwise.

       -v loglevel
           Sets YAZ log level.


       If you start the yaz-ztest in one console you can use the ZOOM shell as follows:

           $ zoomsh
           ZOOM>connect localhost:9999
           ZOOM>search computer
           localhost:9999: 7 hits
           ZOOM>show 0 1
           1 Default USmarc
           001    11224466
           003 DLC
           005 00000000000000.0
           008 910710c19910701nju           00010 eng
           010    $a    11224466
           040    $a DLC $c DLC
           050 00 $a 123-xyz
           100 10 $a Jack Collins
           245 10 $a How to program a computer
           260 1  $a Penguin
           263    $a 8710
           300    $a p. cm.

       You can also achieve the same result by passing the commands as arguments on a single
       command line:

       $ zoomsh "connect localhost:9999" "search computer" "show 0 1" quit


       connect zurl
           Connects to the target given by zurl.

       close [zurl]
           Closes connection to target given by zurl or all targets if zurl was omitted.

       show [start [count]]
           Displays count records starting at offset given by start. First records has offset 0
           (unlike the Z39.50 protocol).

           Quits zoomsh.

       set name [value]
           Sets option name to value.

       get name
           Prints value of option name.

           Prints list of available commands.


       yaz(7), yaz-ztest(8),

       Section "Building clients with ZOOM" in the YAZ manual.

       ZOOM home page[1].


        1. ZOOM home page