Provided by: clusterssh_4.00.11-2_all bug




           use base qw/ App::ClusterSSH::Base /;

           # in object new method
           sub new {
               ( $class, $arg_ref ) = @_;
               my $self = $class->SUPER::new($arg_ref);
               return $self;


       Base object to provide some utility functions on objects - should not be used directly


       These extra methods are provided on the object

       $obj = App::ClusterSSH::Base->new({ arg => val, });
           Creates object.  In higher debug levels the args are printed out.

           Return the unique id of the object for use in subclasses, such as

               $info_for{ $self->id } = $info

           Returns current debug level

       $obj->set_debug_level( n )
           Set debug level to 'n' for all child objects.

       $obj->debug($level, @text)
           Output @text on STDOUT if $level is the same or lower that debug_level

           Set the Locale::Maketext language.  Defaults to 'en'.  Expects the
           App::ClusterSSH/L10N/{lang}.pm module to exist and contain all relevant translations,
           else defaults to English.

       $obj->loc('text to translate [_1]')
           Using the App::ClusterSSH/L10N/{lang}.pm module convert the  given text to appropriate
           language.  See App::ClusterSSH::L10N for more details.  Essentially a wrapper to
           maketext in Locale::Maketext

           Output text on STDOUT.

       $config = $obj->config;
           Returns whatever configuration object has been set up.  Croaks if set_config hasnt
           been called

           Set the config to the given value - croaks if has already been called


       Duncan Ferguson, "<duncan_j_ferguson at>"


       Copyright 1999-2010 Duncan Ferguson.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of
       either: the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; or
       the Artistic License.

       See for more information.