Provided by: blt-dev_2.4z-4.2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       Blt_TreeCreateNode - Creates a node in a tree data object.


       #include <bltTree.h>

       Blt_TreeCreateNode(tree, parent, name, position)


       Blt_Tree       tree     (in)      Tree containing the parent node.

       Blt_TreeNode   parent   (in)      Node in which to insert the new child.

       const char     *name    (in)      Node  label.   If  NULL,  a  label will automatically be

       int            position (in)      Position in the parent's list of children to insert  the
                                         new node.


       This procedure creates a new node is a tree data object.  The node is initially empty, but
       data values can be added with Blt_TreeSetValue.   Each  node  has  a  serial  number  that
       identifies  it within the tree.  No two nodes in the same tree will ever have the same ID.
       You can find a node's ID with Blt_TreeNodeId.

       The arguments are as follows:

       tree      The tree containing the parent node.

       parent    Node in which the new child will be inserted.

       name      Label of the new node.  If name is NULL, a label in the form  "node0",  "node1",
                 etc.  will automatically be generated.  Name can be any string.  Labels are non-
                 unique.  A parent can contain two nodes  with  the  same  label.  Nodes  can  be
                 relabeled using Blt_TreeRelabelNode.

       position  Position  the parent's list of children to insert the new node.  For example, if
                 position is 0, then the new node is prepended to the beginning of the list.   If
                 position is -1, then the node is appended onto the end of the parent's list.


       The  new  node returned is of type Blt_TreeNode.  It's a token that can be used with other
       routines to add/delete data values or children nodes.


       The following example creates a new node from the root node.

              Blt_Tree token;
              Blt_TreeNode root, node;

              if (Blt_TreeGetToken(interp, "myTree", &token) != TCL_OK) {
                  return TCL_ERROR;
              root = Blt_TreeRootNode(token);
              node = Blt_TreeCreateNode(token, root, "myNode", -1);


       Blt_TreeCreateNode can trigger tree notify events.  You can be notified whenever a node is
       created  by  using the Blt_TreeCreateNotifyHandler.  A callback routine is registered that
       will be automatically invoked whenever a new node is added via Blt_TreeCreateNode  to  the


       tree, token