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       CosNotifyChannelAdmin_StructuredProxyPushSupplier   -   This  module  implements  the  OMG
       CosNotifyChannelAdmin::StructuredProxyPushSupplier interface.


       To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:

       This module also exports the functions described in:

         * CosNotifyComm_NotifySubscribe

         * CosNotification_QoSAdmin

         * CosNotifyFilter_FilterAdmin

         * CosNotifyChannelAdmin_ProxySupplier


       connect_structured_push_consumer(StructuredProxyPushSupplier, PushConsumer) -> Reply


                 StructuredProxyPushSupplier = #objref
                 PushConsumer = #objref
                 Reply  =  ok  |  {'EXCEPTION',   #'CosEventChannelAdmin_AlreadyConnected'{}}   |
                 {'EXCEPTION', #'CosEventChannelAdmin_TypeError'{}}

              This  operation  connects  a  PushConsumer  to  the  target object. If a connection
              already exists or the function push_structured_event is not supported by the client
              object an exception is raised.

       suspend_connection(StructuredProxyPushSupplier) -> Reply


                 StructuredProxyPushSupplier = #objref
                 Reply = ok | {'EXCEPTION', #'CosNotifyChannelAdmin_ConnectionAlreadyInactive'{}}
                 | {'EXCEPTION', #'CosNotifyChannelAdmin_NotConnected'{}}

              This operation suspends the connection with the target  object.  If  no  connection
              exists or the connection already is suspended an exception is raised.

       resume_connection(StructuredProxyPushSupplier) -> Reply


                 StructuredProxyPullConsumer = #objref
                 Reply = ok | {'EXCEPTION', #'CosNotifyChannelAdmin_ConnectionAlreadyInactive'{}}
                 | {'EXCEPTION', #'CosNotifyChannelAdmin_NotConnected'{}}

              If the connection with the target object have been suspended this function must  be
              used  to  resume the connection. If no client have been connected or the connection
              is active an exception is raised.

       disconnect_structured_push_supplier(StructuredProxyPushSupplier) -> ok


                 StructuredProxyPushSupplier = #objref

              This operation cause the target object to close the connection and terminate.

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