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       Debian::Javahelper::ManifestSection - Javahelper representation of a section in a Jar


        use Debian::Javahelper::Manifest;

        my $main_sec = $manifest->get_section(MAIN_SECTION, 1);
        # set the Main-Class attribute
        $main_sec->set_value('Main-Class', '');
        # read the classpath entry - may return undef if the attribute does not exist.
        my $cp = $main_sec->get_value('Class-Path');
        # same as above except $cp will be '' if the attribute does not exist.
        $cp = $main_sec->get_value('Class-Path',  1);
        # returns a list of [$name, $value] pairs - note $name will be in the original
        # case.
        my @att = $main_sec->get_values();


       This module is used to represent a Section in a Java Manifest.

           A constant denoting the main section of the manifest.

           Exported by default.

           Creates a new section - if $name is MAIN_SECTION, then it will set "Manifest-Version"
           otherwise it will set "Name" to $name.

           Generally you should not need to use this directly! The Debian::Javahelper::Manifest
           will create sections as they are needed. There is no support for creating a section
           and then adding it to a manifest after wards.

       $section->set_value($attr, $value)
           Sets the value of $attr to $value. If $attr did not exist in this section then it will
           be created. $value may not contain newlines.

           Note: $attr exists if an attribute matches $attr ignoring the case of the two. When
           $attr is created, the original case will be stored for later (for writing). Later
           updates to $attr will not affect the original case.

       $section->get_value($attr[, $empty])
           Returns the value of $attr, long values are merged into a single line. $attr is looked
           up case-insensitively.

           Returns undef if $attr is not present in the section, unless $empty is a truth-value.
           In this case it will return ''.

           Returns all the values in the section in a list of [$attr, $value] pairs. "Manifest-
           Version" and "Name" will appear first in this list if they appear in this section, the
           remaining attributes appears in any order and this order may change.

           Modifying the list or the pairs will not affect the attributes in the section.

           Note: The $attr part will be the original case of the attribute.


       Debian::Javahelper::Manifest(3) - for how to obtain a section.


       Niels Thykier <>


       Copyright 2010 by Niels Thykier

       This module is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of
       GNU GPL 2.