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       Defoma::Subst - Defoma module to handle Subst cache/rule.


       use Defoma::Subst;

       $Sb = defoma_subst_open(
         rulename => rulename,
         threshold => threshold,
         idobject => id_object,
         private => private_flag );

       defoma_subst_close( subst_object );

       defoma_subst_register( subst_object, font, realname );

       defoma_subst_unregister( subst_object, font realname );

       defoma_subst_add_rule( subst_object, required_id, rule...  );

       defoma_subst_remove_rule( subst_object, required_id, rule...  );


       Defoma::Subst  is a Defoma module to handle subst-cache and subst-rule.  When a certain id
       is required but not provided as RealName or Alias by any font, fonts  which  have  similar
       appearance  and  the  same  characters should substitute for such a font. Required ids and
       their information about appearance and charset things (called *rule*) are described  in  a
       subst-rule.   Defoma::Subst  compares such a rule of a certain required id with hints of a
       substitutive font and calculates the degree of similarity in percentage, and registers the
       required  id  and  the  font  with  the  value as its priority as 'Substituted' type to an
       id-cache through Defoma::Id module.

       subst-rule is mainly edittable by  users,  which  means  users  edit  subst-rule  file  to
       add/remove/modify  the  required  ids  and their information, but sometimes unedittable by
       them and  modified  by  a  Defoma-configuration  script.   The  former  is  called  public
       subst-rule and the latter is called private subst-rule.

       subst-cache  holds  fonts  which  are  candidacies  for  substituting for required ids. As
       mentioned above, a rule of a required id and hints of such a font are compared. Hints  are
       not recorded in a subst-cache so retrieved from an id-cache. In addition a required id and
       its rule are recorded in an  subst-rule,  so  subst-cache,  subst-rule  and  id-cache  are
       strongly  linked  up.  Especially  subst-cache  and  subst-rule  are  not  separatable and
       Defoma::Subst handles these two through a single united object.

       defoma_subst_open is a function used to open a subst-cache  and  subst-rule  specified  by
       rulename and private_flag and returns the subst_object used for further operation.  If the
       subst-rule is private one, set private_flag to non-zero. Otherwise it can be omitted.  The
       subst-rule becomes public.  id_object must be specified because subst-cache and subst-rule
       are strongly linked up to id-cache as mentioned above. Hints of a  substitutive  font  are
       retrieved  from the id-cache specified by the id_object, and required ids described in the
       subst-rule are registered to the id-cache.  threshold prevents fonts that have less degree
       of  similarity  from  being  registered.   If  a  required id is already registered in the
       id-cache, substitutive fonts whose degree of similarity are less than this  threshold  are
       not registered to an id-cache.

       defoma_subst_close  is  a function used to close a subst-cache and subst-rule specified by
       subst_object.  Internally it writes the content of cache and rule stored in  a  memory  to

       defoma_subst_register  is  a  function  used  to  register  a  font which is candidate for
       substituting for required ids to the subst-cache specified by subst_object.   RealName  of
       the font must be specified.

       defoma_subst_unregister  is  a  function  used  to  unregister a font from the subst-cache
       specified by subst_object.  RealName can be omitted.

       defoma_subst_add_rule is a function used to  add  a  required  id  and  its  rule  to  the
       subst-rule specified by subst_object.

       defoma_subst_remove_rule  is a function used to remove a required id and its rule from the
       subst-rule specified by sbst_object.  If rule is omitted, all  the  rules  describing  the
       required_id are removed from the subst-rule. Otherwise only one rule specified by rule and
       required_id is removed.


       1. Open private subst-rule and subst-rule.

       $Id = defoma_id_open();
       $Sb = defoma_subst_open(rulename => 'subst1',
                               idobject => $Id);

       2. Register a substitutive font.

       defoma_id_register($Id, type => 'real',
                          font => $font,
                          id => $realname,
                          priority => $priority,
                          hints => join(' ', @_));
       defoma_subst_register($Sb, $font, $realname);

       3. Unregister.

       defoma_subst_unregister($Id, $font);
       defoma_id_unregister($Id, 'real', $font);

       4. Add a rule.

       defoma_subst_add_rule($Sb, 'Helvetica', @hints);

       5. Remove all rules for Helvetica.

       defoma_subst_remove_rule($Sb, 'Helvetica');


       defoma(1).  Defoma::Id(1).

                                          March  4, 2001                       Defoma::Subst(3pm)