Provided by: alliance_5.0-20110203-4_amd64 bug


       GENLIB_LOCON - adds a logical connector to the current netlist figure


       #include <genlib.h>
       void GENLIB_LOCON(connector, direction, signal);
       char ∗connector, ∗signal;
       char direction;


       connector           Name of the connector to be created in the current figure

       direction           Indicates the connector behaviour regarding signals propagation

       signal              Name of the signal on which the connector is linked


       LOCON  add  a  logical  connector  to  the  interface  of  the actual working figure. This
       connector is logicaly linked to the signal signal.  The direction attribut  may  take  the
       following values:

       IN     as input.

       OUT    as output.

       INOUT  as input/output, like supplies or clock for example.

              if one doesn't know what it is.

              as high impedance output.

       TRANSV as transciever. That means TRISTATE input plus output.


       "GENLIB_LOCON impossible : missing GENLIB_DEF_LOFIG"
              No  figure  has  been yet specified by a call to DEF_LOFIG. So it isn't possible to
              add anything. you must call DEF_LOFIG before any other netlist call.
       "GENLIB_LOCON : Bad signal or connector bus name"
              A signal or connector, described under a bus form, has an illegal syntax.

       "GENLIB_LOCON : All LOCON should be defined befor any GENLIB_LOINS"
              A connector is added after instances. This is a methodological  error.   Only  move
              your LOCON before the first LOINS in your code.
       "GENLIB_LOCON : different number of signals and connectors"
              A  bussed  form  of signal and connector has been used, but the width of the busses
              are not equal. This is an obvious error, check it.
       "Illegal addlocon. Connector connector already exist in figure figname"
              A connector name must be unique in a given figure at a given hierachy level.


       Due to the vti file format, the direction of connectors is lost if one uses it as starting
       point of a netlist desciption. All the connectors have then the UNKNOWN direction.
       Alliance  and  edif  file  format  know only about IN, OUT, and UNKNOWN.  Only vhdl format
       fully supports the whole thing.


       #include <genlib.h>
            /∗ Create a figure to work on  ∗/
            /∗ define interface  ∗/
            GENLIB_LOCON("i", INPUT, "sig1");
            GENLIB_LOCON("o", OUTPUT, "sig2");
            /∗ Place an instance ∗/
            GENLIB_LOINS("model","instance", "sig1", "sig2", EOL);
            /∗ Save all that on disk ∗/


       genlib(1), GENLIB_BUS(3), GENLIB_ELM(3), GENLIB_LOSIG(3), GENLIB_LOINS(3).