Provided by: latexml_0.7.0-1_all bug


       "LaTeXML::Parameters" - formal parameters, including "LaTeXML::Parameter".


       Provides a representation for the formal parameters of LaTeXML::Definitions:

           represents an individual parameter.

   Parameters Methods
       "$parameters = parseParameters($prototype,$for);"
           Parses a string for a sequence of parameter specifications.  Each specification should
           be of the form

            {}     reads a regular TeX argument, a sequence of
                   tokens delimited by braces, or a single token.
            {spec} reads a regular TeX argument, then reparses it
                   to match the given spec. The spec is parsed
                   recursively, but usually should correspond to
                   a single argument.
            [spec] reads an LaTeX-style optional argument. If the
                   spec is of the form Default:stuff, then stuff
                   would be the default value.
            Type   Reads an argument of the given type, where either
                   Type has been declared, or there exists a ReadType
                   function accessible from LaTeXML::Package::Pool.
            Type:value, or Type:value1:value2...    These forms
                   pass additional Tokens to the reader function.
            OptionalType  Similar to Type, but it is not considered
                   an error if the reader returns undef.
            SkipType  Similar to OptionalType, but the value returned
                   from the reader is ignored, and does not occupy a
                   position in the arguments list.

       "@parameters = $parameters->getParameters;"
           Return the list of "LaTeXML::Parameter" contained in $parameters.

       "@tokens = $parameters->revertArguments(@args);"
           Return a list of LaTeXML::Token that would represent the arguments such that they can
           be parsed by the Gullet.

       "@args = $parameters->readArguments($gullet,$fordefn);"
           Read the arguments according to this $parameters from the $gullet.  This takes into
           account any special forms of arguments, such as optional, delimited, etc.

       "@args = $parameters->readArgumentsAndDigest($stomach,$fordefn);"
           Reads and digests the arguments according to this $parameters, in sequence.  this
           method is used by Constructors.


       Bruce Miller <>


       Public domain software, produced as part of work done by the United States Government &
       not subject to copyright in the US.