Provided by: clc-intercal_1.0~4pre1.-94.-2-2_all bug


       Language::INTERCAL::Bytecode - intermediate language


       The CLC-INTERCAL compiler works by producing bytecode from the program source; this
       bytecode can be interpreted to execute the program immediately; alternatively, a backend
       can produce something else from the bytecode, for example C or Perl source code which can
       then be compiled to your computer's native object format.

       The compiler itself is just some more bytecode. Thus, to produce the compiler you need a
       compiler compiler, and to produce that you need a compiler compiler compiler; to produce
       the latter you would need a compiler compiler compiler compiler, and so on to infinity. To
       simplify the programmer's life (eh?), the compiler compiler is able to compile itself, and
       is therefore identical to the compiler compiler compiler (etcetera).

       The programmer can start the process because a pre-compiled compiler compiler, in the form
       of bytecode, is provided with the CLC-INTERCAL distribution; this compiler compiler then
       is able to compile all other compilers, as well as to rebuild itself if need be.

       See the online manual or the HTML documentation included with the distribution for more
       information about this.


       A qualified psychiatrist


       Claudio Calvelli - intercal (whirlpool) (Please include the word
       INTERLEAVING in the subject when emailing that address, or the email may be ignored)