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       Lire::Config::DlfAnalyserSpec - PluginSpec to select an analyser.


       This Lire::Config::TypeSpec is a PluginSpec which can be used to select DlfAnalyser that
       should be used to create the Dlf records of an extended or derived schema.

   new( 'name' => $dst_stream_name, ['src_schema' => $from_schema])
       The name of the type specification is the name of the schema for which the analyser is
       selected. If the 'src_stream' parameter is used, only analysers which uses that value as
       their src_schema() will be selected.

       The constructor will fill the PluginSpec automatically with the available options and it
       will be set the first analyser as default.

       Returns the src_schema() that should be used by the selected DlfAnalyser. If no particular
       schema is required, undef will be returned.

         Lire::Config::PluginSpec(3pm), Lire::Config::DlfStreamSpec(3pm)


       $Id:,v 1.2 2006/07/23 13:16:30 vanbaal Exp $


         Francis J. Lacoste <>


       Copyright (C) 2004  Stichting LogReport Foundation

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