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       Lire::DataTypes - check wether value is of declared type


        use Lire::DataTypes qw/ size2bytes duration2sec ... /;

        $bytes = size2bytes( $min_value );
        $sec = duration2sec( $max_value );


       Lire::DataTypes offers several routines, like check_url and check_duration, to decide
       wether a value is of a Lire type.  Furthermore, routines to process these types, like
       duration2sec and bytes2size are offered.  Lire types are defined in lire-types.mod.

       This module is widely used throughout other Lire:: modules.


       Francis J. Lacoste <>


       $Id:,v 1.44 2006/07/23 13:16:28 vanbaal Exp $


       Copyright (C) 2001 Stichting LogReport Foundation

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