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       Lire::ReportParser::HTMLDocBookFormatter - Lire::ReportParser subclass which formats


       To format DocBook:

           use Lire::ReportParser::HTMLDocBookFormatter qw/dbk2html/;

           my $txt = dbk2html( "<para>Test</para>" );

       In XML Report processors :

           package MyParser;

           use base qw/ Lire::ReportParser::HTMLDocBookFormatter Lire::ReportParser /;

           sub new {
               my $self = shift->SUPER::new( @_ );

               $self->init_docbook_formatter( @_ );

               return $self;

           sub handle_description {
               my ( $self, $desc ) = @_;

               print $desc;



       Lire::ReportParser::HTMLDocBookFormatter is the counterpart to
       Lire::ReportParser::AsciiDocBookFormatter for the HTML output format. Please read its
       documentation to learn how to use this class. Their use is exactly the same.

dbk2html( $docbook_str, [$columns], [$xhtml] )

       Returns an HTML version of the DocBook XML fragment $docbook_str. The "columns" parameter
       sets the number of columns in which the DocBook HTML text should be formatted. The "xhtml"
       parameter defines whether the generated code will be XHTML-compliant; the default is yes.

       This method will die() in case of error.


       Lire::ReportParser(3pm) Lire::ReportParser::AsciiDocBookFormatter(3pm)


       $Id:,v 1.10 2006/07/23 13:16:31 vanbaal Exp $


         Francis J. Lacoste <>
         Wolfgang Sourdeau <>


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