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       MultipleEdgeSelection -


       #include <MultipleEdgeSelection.h>

   Public Member Functions
       MultipleEdgeSelection (const tlp::PropertyContext &)
       bool run ()

Detailed Description

       This selection plugins enables to find the multiple-edges and parallel-edges in a graph.
       Let e1, e2 two edges, e1 and e2 are parallel edges if source(e1)=source(e2) and target(e1)
       = target(e2). If it exists n edges between two nodes, only n-1 edges will be selected.

           David Auber, LaBRI University Bordeaux I France:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   MultipleEdgeSelection::MultipleEdgeSelection (const tlp::PropertyContext &)

Member Function Documentation

   bool MultipleEdgeSelection::run ()


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