Provided by: dnssec-tools_1.11-1_all bug


       Net::DNS::SEC::Tools::BootStrap - Optional loading of Perl modules


         use Net::DNS::SEC::Tools::BootStrap;

            PerlModule => 'Additional help/error text'


       The DNSSEC-Tools package requires a number of Perl modules that are only needed by some of
       the tools.  This module helps determine at run-time, rather than at installation time, if
       the right tools are available on the system.  If any module fails to load,
       dnssec_tools_load_mods() will display an error message and calls exit().  The error
       message describes how to install a module via CPAN.

       The arguments to dnssec_tools_load_mods() are given in pairs.  Each pair is a module to
       try to load (and import) and a supplemental error message.  If the module fails to load,
       the supplemental error message will be displayed along with the installation-via-CPAN
       message.  If the error message consists of the string "noerror", then no error message
       will be displayed before the function exits.


       The module will try to import any exported subroutines from the module into the main
       namespace.  This means that the module is likely to not be useful for
       importing symbols into other modules.  Work-arounds for this are:

       - import the symbols by hand
                PerlModule => 'Additional help/error text'

             import PerlModule qw(func1 func2);

             func1(arg1, arg2);

       - call the fully qualified function name
                PerlModule => 'Additional help/error text'

             PerlModule::func1(arg1, arg2);


       Copyright 2006-2011 SPARTA, Inc.  All rights reserved.  See the COPYING file included with
       the DNSSEC-Tools package for details.


       Wes Hardaker <>