Provided by: pdl_2.4.7+dfsg-2ubuntu5_amd64 bug


       PDL::Graphics::TriD::Tk - A Tk widget interface to the PDL::Graphics::TriD.


        # Opens a Tk window with an embedded TriD window - that's all
        # see Demos/ for a better example
        use PDL;
        use PDL::Graphics::TriD;
        use PDL::Graphics::TriD::GL;
        use Tk;
        use PDL::Graphics::TriD::Tk;

        my $MW = MainWindow->new();
        my $TriDW = $MW->Tk( )->pack(-expand=>1, -fill=>'both');


       The widget is composed of a Frame and the Display device of the TriD output.  It inherits
       all of the attributes of a Tk Frame.  All of the events associated with this window are
       handled through Tk with the exception of the <expose> event which must be handled by TriD
       because the Frame is never exposed.  Default Mouse bindings, defined for button1 and
       button3, control TriD object orientation and size respectively.


       Used for widget initialization by Tk, this function should never be called directly

       Should be used in place of the Tk MainLoop.  Handles all of the Tk callbacks and calls the
       appropriate TriD display functions.

       GLinit is called internally by a Configure callback in Populate.  This insures that the
       required Tk::Frame is initialized before the TriD::GL window that will go inside.

       refresh() causes a display event to be put at the top of the TriD work que.  This should
       be called at the end of each user defined TriD::Tk callback.

       Trys to find a subroutine in PDL::Graphics::TriD when it is not found in this package.

       Default bindings for mousemotion with buttons 1 and 3


       James P. Edwards, Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia Brasil