Provided by: pdl_2.4.7+dfsg-2ubuntu5_amd64 bug


       podselect - function to extract selected sections of pod documentation


           use PDL::Pod::Select;
           podselect (@filelist);
           podselect ({OUTPUT => "tmp.out"}, @filelist):
           podselect ({SELECT => ["NAME|SYNOPSIS", "OPTIONS"]}, @filelist):
           podselect ({OUTPUT => ">&STDERR", SELECT => ["DESCRIPTION"]}, "-");


       podselect() is a function which will extract specified sections of pod documentation from
       an input stream. This ability is already provided in the PDL::Pod::Parser module.
       Subclasses of PDL::Pod::Parser that wish to take advantage of this feature do not need to
       derive from PDL::Pod::Select. PDL::Pod::Select merely provides a single function named
       podselect() which provides this capability in function form (as opposed to object form)
       for extracting the raw pod docs.

   podselect(\%options, @filelist)
       podselect will print the raw (untranslated) pod documentation of all pod sections in the
       given input files specified by @filelist according to the given options.

       If any argument to podselect is a reference to a hash (associative array) then the values
       with the following keys are processed as follows:

           A string corresponding to the desired output file (or ">&STDOUT" or ">&STDERR"). The
           default is to use standard output.

           A reference to an array of sections specifications (as described in "SECTION
           SPECIFICATIONS" in PDL::Pod::Parser) which indicate the desired set of pod sections
           and subsections to be selected from input. If no section specifications are given,
           then all sections of pod documentation are used.

       All other arguments should correspond to the names of input files containing pod
       documentation. A file name of "-" or "<&STDIN" will be interpeted to mean standard input
       (which is the default if no filenames are given).




       Brad Appleton <>

       Based on code for pod2text written by Tom Christiansen <>