Provided by: libpoe-perl_1.3500-1_all bug


       POE::Resource::Sessions - internal session manager for POE::Kernel


       There is no public API.


       POE::Resource::Sessions is a mix-in class for POE::Kernel.  It provides the internal
       features that manage sessions, regardless of the session type.  It is used internally by
       POE::Kernel. so it has no public interface.


       See POE::Session and POE::NFA for one type of session.  CPAN also have others.

       See "Sessions" in POE::Kernel for a discussion about POE::Kernel sessions.

       See "Session Lifespans" in POE::Kernel to learn why sessions run, and how to stop them.

       See "Session Management" in POE::Kernel for information about managing sessions in your
       applications, and the events that occur when sessions come and go.

       See "Session Helper Methods" in POE::Kernel for friend methods between POE::Kernel and
       POE::Session classes.

       See "Resources" in POE::Kernel for for public information about POE resources.

       See POE::Resource for general discussion about resources and the classes that manage them.


       None known.


       Please see POE for more information about authors and contributors.