Provided by: pslib-dev_0.4.5-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       PS_begin_page — Start a new page


       #include <pslib.h>

       void PS_begin_page(PSDoc *psdoc, float width, float height)


       Starts a new page. Though the parameters width           and height imply a different page
       size for each page, this is not possible in PostScript. The first call of PS_begin_page(3)
       will  set  the  page  size  for the whole document. Consecutive calls will have no effect,
       except for creating a new page. The situation is different if you indent  to  convert  the
       PostScript  document  into  PDF. This function places pdfmarks into the document which can
       set the size for each page indiviually. The resulting PDF  document  will  have  different
       page sizes.

       Each page is encapsulated into save/restore. This means, that most of the settings made on
       one page will not be retained on the next page.

       If there is up to the first call of PS_begin_page(3) no call of PS_findfont(3),  then  the
       header  of  the PostScript document will be output and the bounding box will be set to the
       size of the first page.  If PS_findfont(3) was called before the header  has  been  output
       already,  the  document  will not have a valid bounding box. In order to prevent this, one
       should  set  the  info  field  'BoundingBox'  and  possibly   `Orientation'   before   any
       PS_findfont(3) or PS_begin_page(3) calls.


       PS_end_page(3), PS_findfont(3), PS_set_info(3)


       This manual page was written by Uwe Steinmann