Provided by: pslib-dev_0.4.5-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       PS_place_image — Places image on the page


       #include <pslib.h>

       void PS_place_image(PSDoc *psdoc, int imageid, float x, float y, float scale)


       Places a formerly loaded image at the current point on the page.  The image is scaled if x
       and y have values unequal to 1.

       The image data is ascii85 encoding which is only 20 percent larger  than  the  raw  binary
       data  of  the  image  (The binary data is not equal to the file size but somewhat smaller,
       because the file also contains an image header.). You can turn on hex encoding by  setting
       the parameter `imageencoding' to `hex'. Hex encoding doubles the size of the image data.

       Since  version  0.4.5  of pslib images are fully read and saved into the output postscript
       file when they are opened with PS_open_image(3) or PS_open_image_file(3). Later  calls  of
       PS_place_image(3)  just replay the image.  This behaviour can be turned off by setting the
       parameter `imagereuse' to false with PS_set_parameter(3).

       If image reuse is not turned of, this function may be called within a template.


       PS_open_image(3), PS_open_image_file(3)


       This manual page was written by Uwe Steinmann