Provided by: padre_0.90.ds1-1_all bug


       Padre::Current - A context object, for centralising the concept of what is "current"


       The "Padre::Current" detectes and returns whatever is current. Use it whenever you need to
       do something with anything which might get a focus or be selectable otherwise

       All methods could be called as functions, methods or class methods.


           my $config = Padre::Current->config;

       Returns a Padre::Config object for the current document.

       Padre has three types of configuration: User-specific, host-specific and project-specific,
       this method returnsa config object which includes the current values - ne need to for you
       to care about which config is active and which has priority.

           my $document = Padre::Current->document;

       Returns a Padre::Document object for the current document.

           my $editor = Padre::Current->editor;

       Returns a Padre::Editor object for the current editor (containing the current document).

           my $filename = Padre::Current->filename;

       Returns the filename of the current document.

           my $ide = Padre::Current->ide;

       Returns a Padre::Wx object of the current ide.

           my $main = Padre::Current->main;

       Returns a Padre::Wx::Main object of the current ide.

           my $main = Padre::Current->notebook;

       Returns a Padre::Wx::Notebook object of the current notebook.

           my $main = Padre::Current->project;

       Returns a Padre::Project object of the current project.

           my $main = Padre::Current->text;

       Returns the current selection (selected text in the current document).

           my $main = Padre::Current->title;

       Returns the title of the current editor window.


       Padre::Current - convenient access to current objects within Padre


           my $main = Padre::Current->main;
           # ...


       Padre uses lots of objects from different classes. And one needs to have access to the
       current object of this sort or this other to do whatever is need at the time.

       Instead of poking directly with the various classes to find the object you need,
       "Padre::Current" provides a bunch of handy methods to retrieve whatever current object you


           # Vanilla constructor

           # Seed the object with some context
           Padre::Current->new( document => $document );

       The "new" constructor creates a new context object, it optionally takes one or more named
       parameters which should be any context the caller is aware of before he calls the

       Providing this seed context allows the context object to derive parts of the current
       context from other parts, without the need to fall back to the last-resort "Padre->ide"
       singleton-fetching method.

       Many objects in Padre that are considered to be part of them context will have a "current"
       method which automatically creates the context object with it as a seed.

       Returns a new Padre::Current object.

       Return the Padre singleton for the IDE instance.

       Returns the current Padre::Config configuration object for the IDE.

       Returns the Padre::Wx::Main object for the main window.

       Returns the Padre::Wx::Notebook object for the main window.

       Returns the active Padre::Document document object.

       Returns the Padre::Editor editor object for the active document.

       Returns the file name of the active document, if it has one.

       Return the title of current editor window.

       Return the "Padre::Project" project object for the active document.

       Returns the selected text, or a null string if nothing is selected.


       Copyright 2008-2011 The Padre development team as listed in

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.

       The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included with this module.