Provided by: padre_0.90.ds1-1_all bug


       Padre::Wx::App - Padre main Wx application abstraction


       For architectural clarity, Padre maintains two separate collections of resources, a Wx
       object tree representing the literal GUI elements, and a second tree of objects
       representing the abstract concepts, such as configuration, projects, and so on.

       Theoretically, this should allow Padre to run automated processes of various types without
       having to bootstrap a process up into an entire 30+ megabyte Wx-capable instance.

       Padre::Wx::App is a Wx::App subclass that represents the Wx application as a whole, and
       acts as the root of the object tree for the GUI elements.

       From the main Padre object, it can be accessed via the "wx" method.


       The "ide" accessor provides a link back to the parent Padre IDE object.

       The "main" accessor returns the Padre::Wx::Main object for the application.

       The "config" accessor returns the Padre::Config for the application.

       The "queue" accessor returns the Padre::Wx::ActionQueue for the application.

       The "conduit" accessor returns the Padre::Wx::Role::Conduit for the application.


       Copyright 2008-2011 The Padre development team as listed in


       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl 5 itself.