Provided by: libprima-perl_1.28-1.1_amd64 bug


       Prima::Header - a multi-tabbed header widget.


       The widget class provides functionality of several button-like caption tabs, that can be
       moved and resized by the user.  The class was implemented with a view to serve as a table
       header for list and grid widgets.


       Click INDEX
           Called when the user clicks on the tab, positioned at INDEX.

       DrawItem CANVAS, INDEX, X1, Y1, X2, Y2, TEXT_BASELINE
           A callback used to draw the tabs. CANVAS is the output object; INDEX is the index of a
           tab.  X1,Y2,X2,Y2 are the coordinates of the boundaries of the tab rectangle;
           TEXT_BASELINE is a pre-calculated vertical position for eventual centered text output.

       MeasureItem INDEX, RESULT
           Stores in scalar, referenced by RESULT, the width or height ( depending on vertical
           property value ) of the tab in pixels.

       MoveItem OLD_INDEX, NEW_INDEX
           Called when the user moves a tab from its old location, specified by OLD_INDEX, to the
           NEW_INDEX position. By the time of call, all internal structures are updated.

           Called when the user resizes a tab in INDEX position. OLD_EXTENT and NEW_EXTENT are
           either width or height of the tab, depending on vertical property value.

           Called when more than one tab has changed its extent. This might happen as a result of
           user action, as well as an effect of set-calling to some properties.

       clickable BOOLEAN
           Selects if the user is allowed to click the tabs.

           Default value: 1

       dragable BOOLEAN
           Selects if the user is allowed to move of the tabs.

           Default value: 1

       items ARRAY
           Array of scalars, representing the internal data of the tabs.  By default the scalars
           are treated as text strings.

       minTabWidth INTEGER
           A minimal extent in pixels a tab must occupy.

           Default value: 2

       offset INTEGER
           An offset on the major axis ( depends on vertical property value ) that the widget is
           drawn with. Used for the conjunction with list widgets ( see Prima::DetailedList ),
           when the list is horizontally or vertically scrolled.

           Default value: 0

       pressed INTEGER
           Contains the index of the currently pressed tab. A -1 value is selected when no tabs
           are pressed.

           Default value: -1

       scalable BOOLEAN
           Selects if the user is allowed to resize the tabs.

           Default value: 1

       vertical BOOLEAN
           If 1, the tabs are aligned vertically; the offset, widths property and extent
           parameters of the callback notification assume heights of the tabs.

           If 0, the tabs are aligned horizontally, and the extent properties and parameters
           assume tab widths.

       widths ARRAY
           Array of integer values, corresponding to the extents of the tabs.  The extents are
           widths ( "vertical" is 0 ) or heights ( "vertical" is 1 ).

       tab2offset INDEX
           Returns offset of the INDEXth tab ( without regard to offset property value ).

       tab2rect INDEX
           Returns four integers, representing the rectangle area, occupied by the INDEXth tab (
           without regard to offset property value ).


       Dmitry Karasik, <>.


       Prima, Prima::Widget, Prima::DetailedList, examples/