Provided by: libprima-perl_1.28-1.1_amd64 bug


       Prima::PrintDialog - standard printer setup dialog


       Provides a standard dialog that allows the user to select a printer and its options. The
       toolkit does not provide the in-depth management of the printer options; this can only be
       accessed by executing a printer-specific setup window, called by
       "Prima::Printer::setup_dialog". The class invokes this method when the user presses
       'Properties' button. Otherwise, the class provides only selection of a printer from the
       printer list.

       When the dialog finished successfully, the selected printer is set as the current by
       writing to "Prima::Printer::printer" property. This technique allows direct use of the
       user-selected printer and its properties without prior knowledge of the selection process.


               use Prima::PrintDialog;

               $dlg = Prima::PrintSetupDialog-> create;
               if ( $dlg-> execute) {
                       my $p = $::application-> get_printer;
                       if ( $p-> begin_doc ) {
                               $p-> text_out( 'Hello world', 10, 10);
                               $p-> end_doc;
               $dlg-> destroy;


       Dmitry Karasik, <>.


       Prima, Prima::Window, Prima::Printer.