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       QwtCompassWindArrow -

       An indicator for the wind direction.


       #include <qwt_dial_needle.h>

       Inherits QwtDialNeedle.

   Public Types
       enum Style { Style1, Style2 }

   Public Member Functions
       QwtCompassWindArrow (Style, const QColor &light=Qt::white, const QColor &dark=Qt::gray)

   Protected Member Functions
       virtual void drawNeedle (QPainter *, double length, QPalette::ColorGroup) const

Detailed Description

       An indicator for the wind direction.

       QwtCompassWindArrow shows the direction where the wind comes from.

       · QPalette::Light
          Used for Style1, or the light half of Style2

       · QPalette::Dark
          Used for the dark half of Style2

       See also:
           QwtDial, QwtCompass

Member Enumeration Documentation

   enum QwtCompassWindArrow::Style
       Style of the arrow.


       Style1 A needle pointing to the center.

       Style2 A needle pointing to the center.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   QwtCompassWindArrow::QwtCompassWindArrow (Stylestyle, const QColor &light = Qt::white, const
       QColor &dark = Qt::gray) Constructor
           style Arrow style
           light Light color
           dark Dark color

Member Function Documentation

   void QwtCompassWindArrow::drawNeedle (QPainter *painter, doublelength,
       QPalette::ColorGroupcolorGroup) const [protected, virtual] Draw the needle
           painter Painter
           length Length of the needle
           colorGroup Color group, used for painting

       Implements QwtDialNeedle.


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